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TS-60 Incubator Shaker

TS-60 Incubator Shaker is a laboratory equipment widely applied to the experiment has strict requirements of temperature and oscillation frequency, such as cell culture, fermentation, hybridization, biochemistry, enzymes and cell tissues research. The Incubator shaker realizes the Static and dynamic cell culture.



● Design: compact space, low vibration noise, timing wide angle opening transparent cover, easy to observe and operate
● Accuracy: the temperature and oscillation frequency are controlled by microcontroller, good temperature uniformity
● Intelligent: when the cover is opened, air circulation is halved, the heating and oscillation are automatically stopped to avoid temperature overshoot
● Stability: the unique control speed circuit ensures the smooth start of the shaker and prevents damage on equipment from splash
● Protection: adjustable fan speed to avoid volatilization of the sample due to excessively fast wind speed
● Safety: independent temperature alarm system automatically stops heating when the temperature exceeds the limit to ensure safe operation


Model TS-60-E TS-60H-E
Speed 50~300 rpm 200~1200 rpm
Amplitude 20 mm(Circular rotation) 3 mm(Horizontal rotation)
Controlling Temperature Range RT+5~60℃ RT+5~60℃
Setting Temperature Range 5~60℃ 5~60℃
Temperature Stability ±0.3℃ ±0.3℃
Temperature Accuracy 0.1℃ 0.1℃
Timing Range 1 min~99h 59 min 1 min~99h 59 min
Power Supply A.C220V/110V,50/60 Hz A.C220V/110V,50/60 Hz
Power 400 W 400 W
Fuse 250V,2A/3A,φ5×20 250V,2A/3A,φ5×20
Dimensions (L^W*H) 360*435*320mm 360*435*320mm
Weight 18.7Kg 18.7 Kg
Trays Universal Tray PW-260 Tray PW-1500

Ordering Information

Cat.#   Description Qty.
TS-60-E TS-60 Incubator Shaker(Circular rotation) 1 Set/Carton
TS-60H-E TS-60 Incubator Shaker (Horizontal rotation) 1 Set/Carton

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