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BCS901 Heat Sealer

The heat sealer adapts various plates, and easy to operate. The sealing temperature and time are adjustable. Sealed films prevent sample evaporation, leakage and cross contamination.



● Fast: adjustable sealing temperature of 80~200℃ , real-time display, rapid heating up to reach 170℃ in 300s, rapid cooling down by fan
● Suitability: adjustable sealing pressure to adapt various micro plates and sealing films
● Stable: temperature is controlled by microprocessor with good accuracy and good reproducibility
● Adjustable: temperature adjustment unit is 1℃ , and the time adjustment unit is 0.1s
● Advanced: adopt advanced ceramics platen heating technology to avoid adhesion of sealing films due to overheat
● Automated: switch to stand-by mode automatically after 60 minutes inactivity to save energy


Model BCS9601
Sealing Temperature 80~200℃(Minimum adjustableunit1.0℃)
Temperature Accuracy ±1℃
Temperature Uniformity ±1℃
Sealing Time 0.5~10s(Minimum adjustable unit of 0.1s)
Compatible Plate Material PP(polypropylene)/PS(polystyrene)/PE(polyethylene)
Compatible Plate Types Various standard multi-well plates:PCR plates(full skirt, half
skirt,and no skirt),deep well plates, Elisa plates,etc
Compatible Film Material Foil-polypropylene, transparent polyester fiber-polypropylene,
transparent polymer, transparent thin polymer,foil
Sealing Pressure Range Level1-5
Compatible Plate Height 9~48 mm,no adjustment needed
Front Panel Material Fireproof ABS
Heat Sealing Platform Material Ceramics
Power Supply A.C.220V/110V,50/60 Hz
Maximum Input Power 300 W
Dimension (L*W*H) 180*360*380 mm
Weight 12Kg

Ordering Information

Cat. # Description Qty.
BCS9601-E Heat Sealer 1Set/Carton

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