96-well PPRP (Protein Phospholipid Removal) Plate

96-well PPRP (Protein Phospholipid Removal) Plate

Efficiently remove phospholipid and largely decrease ion suppression.

Copure® 96-well PPRP plate could accomplish the protein perfectly precipitate with special non-drip membrane filter. The new innovative Lipoclean® sorbent in the plate cleanly removes the endogenous protein and effectively capture phospholipid interference to decrease ion suppression, which provides an ideal purification solution for lipidic samples and improve the analysis performance of target analyte.


  • Efficiently remove phospholipid and largely decrease ion suppression
  • 2-4 steps general procedures
  • Applied to TDM, forensic toxicology, endocrine study

Fig.1 Operation process of Copure® 96-well PPRP plate

Fig. 2  LC-MS/MS of phospholipid

It can be seen that the response of phospholipids in figure B decreased by nearly two orders than in Figure A after treatment of biological samples with commasep PPRP, and the effect of phospholipids removal was very significant. 

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Copure® 96-well PPRP plate, 40 mg/1 mL
Copure® 96-well PPRP plate, 40 mg/2 mL

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