Copure® Carb-GCB/NH2 SPE

Copure® Carb-GCB/NH2 SPE

Cleanup of samples in multiresidual pesticide analysis
Copure ® Carb-GCB/NH 2 combines the merits of both Carb-GCB and NH 2 sorbents and is able to remove interfering compositions such as pigments, sterols and fatty acids in food samples, making it an effective packing for cleaning samples up in multiresidual pesticide analysis.


  • Ultrathin frits between two sorbent layers promising uniform flow
  • Capable of removing interferences as thoroughly as possible

Specifications for Carb-GCB:

Surface area: 100-250 m 2/g
Particle size: 100-300 mesh

Specifications for NH 2:

Carbon content: 4.5%
Surface area: 200 m 2/g
Particle size: 40-75 μm
Pore size: 100 Å


  • Analysis of multiresidual pesticides in foods

Related Methods:

  • NY/T 1379-2007   Multi-residue Determination of 334 Pesticides in Vegetable by GC/MS and LC/MS

Order Information:

Copure® Carb-GCB/NH 2 SPE CartridgesCopure® Carb-GCB/NH 2 SPE Cartridges
Product No. Description Format Qty.
CONHGC32525 Copure ® Carb-GCB/NH 2 SPE Cartridges 250mg/250mg/3mL 50/Box
CONHGC655 Copure ® Carb-GCB/NH 2 SPE Cartridges 500mg/500mg/6mL 30/Box
CONHGC653 Copure ® Carb-GCB/NH 2 SPE Cartridges 300mg/500mg/6mL 30/Box
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