Copure® C8/SAX SPE Cartridges

Copure® C8/SAX SPE Cartridges

Extracting acidic drugs in biological fluids

Copure ® C8/SAX is composed of silica gel bonded with octyl and quaternary ammonium groups at a specific ratio. It’s a mixed-mode sorbent with two retention mechanisms: octyl groups provide moderately hydrophobic interactions, quaternary ammonium groups provide strong anion exchange

C8/SAX will be a better choice if very strong adsorption in C18, C8 or SAX packing results in difficult elution of some analytes.


  • Moderate retention, avoiding extremely strong adsorption of some compounds
  • Ideal for complicated samples such as blood and urine


Surface area: 510 m 2/g
Particle size: 40 - 75 μm
Pore size: 70 Å


  • Determination of drugs and their metabolites in biological fluids, such as barbiturates
  • Determination of drugs of abuse such as THC

Order Information:

Product No. Description Format Qty.
COC8SAX1100 Copure ® C8/SAX SPE Cartridges 100mg/1mL 100/Box
COC8SAX3200 Copure ® C8/SAX SPE Cartridges 200mg/3mL 50/Box
COC8SAX3500 Copure ® C8/SAX SPE Cartridges 500mg/3mL 50/Box
COC8SAX6500 Copure ® C8/SAX SPE Cartridges 500mg/6mL 30/Box
COC8SAX61000 Copure ® C8/SAX SPE Cartridges 1000mg/6mL 30/Box
COC8SAX121000 Copure ® C8/SAX SPE Cartridges 1000mg/12mL 20/Box
COC8SAX122000 Copure ® C8/SAX SPE Cartridges 2000mg/12mL 20/Box
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