About Us

Biocomma Limited, founded in 2006, is a leading manufacturer of sample preparation, sample filtration and sample collection products, based on its three technology platforms of porous plastic filters, separationmaterials and precision injection molding. Biocomma is ISO9001:2015 & ISO13485:2016 certified and a National High and New Tech Enterprise.

Biocomma owns two subsidiaries, one R & D center and three manufacturing facilities, supplying more than 1,500 products. Based on ERP system, we implement strict quality criteria, enabling full traceability.

Biocomma products range:

1. IVD products, including sample collection & transport products (transport and preservation medium, disposable swab, saliva DNA collectors, 903 DNA sample collection card), nucleic acid extraction kits (spin column, magnetic beads, prepacked magnetic beads), M32 nucleic acid extraction system and M96 nucleic acid extraction system.

2. Sample preparation products, including solid phase extraction (SPE), dispersive solid phase extraction (QuEChERS), solid supported liquid extraction (SLE), protein precipitation (PPT), oligo synthesis columns/plates, nucleic acid purification columns and prepacked columns for protein purification and sample preparation manifolds.

3.  Filtration products, focusing on small sintered PE filters and empty tubes, mainly used in chemical analysis and life science, including pipette tip filters, self-sealing filters,  filtration columns and filtration plates.

4. Lab consumables, including empty SPE cartridges, empty chromatography columns, empty solid phase synthesis columns, sample collection plates, syring filters and microfiltration membranes.

Biocomma products are widely used in many areas such as clinical diagnosis, gene detection, new drug discovery, life science, food safety, environmental protectionand industrial material detection. For the past fourteen years, we have served over 4,000 customers and provided OEM and custom services for dozens of well-known brands around the world.

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